Friday, May 8, 2020

What Is The Difference Between Executive and Regular Resumes

What Is The Difference Between Executive and Regular Resumes Do you know when its time to move from a regular resume to an executive resume? There are a few subtle differences but will speak volumes when presented for certain types of positions. Usually at the top of a regular resume is an objective statement. This is where a person will tell in paragraph form what they are looking for in a job and any expectations they may have. An executive resume will have an opening paragraph that will highlight their strongest points, often in bullet points and what that candidate can do for a company. Executive resumes will typically be at least 2 pages but no more than 4. This is because they may have detailed educations, publications they have written or any awards they received. It is all relevant on an executive resume. An executive resume will also have bolded words, highlighted or underlined sections so as to showcase their skills, achievement or awards. Additionally, the wording and structure will be much more sophisticated than regular resumes. Once you have reached a certain level of experience, education, awards or achievements in your career which will now enable you to seek for more executive type jobs is the time to start using an executive resume. It wont do any good to present a regular resume when the position calls for a more professional applicant. So, dont forget to update your regular resume to an executive resume.

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