Saturday, December 14, 2019

Is Bad Advice Killing Your Job Search

Is Bad Advice Killing Your Job SearchIs Bad Advice Killing Your Job SearchIt seems like everyone (and their well-meaning cousin) has a piece of career advice when it comes to job hunting. As one of the leading resume writing agencies in Houston, ResumeSpice has seen firsthand how the advice of even the best-intentioned friends, family members, and trusted colleagues can actually foil your job search and prevent you from landing a new position.So what advice should you toss out of the window? Lets take a lookMyth 1 A Resume Must be One Page Sure, this was the standard practice years ago, but not anymora. Your resume can be and should be, if youre highly experienced, more than one page. Its better to have an easy-to-read and well-formatted resume thats two pages long, than an unreadable and poorly formatted resume thats crammed into one page. That said, dont go overboard and submit a resume thats longer than it needs to be to reflect your experience. The one page resume myth is so perv asive, we wrote a blog post about it.Myth 2 You Should Apply to As Many Jobs as You Can Hiring managers can quickly identify whether or not youre right for the job. So if youre sending your resume like spam mail just because hey, you never know youre only wasting your time and the hiring managers by applying to every position under the sun. Instead, spend your time crafting customized resumes and cover letters for the few positions you truly are a great fit for.Myth 3 Companies Post All Openings If theres a company youre interested in working for say you love their product or youre a loyal user of their tafelgeschirr reach out to them, even if they havent posted a position. In your cover letter, be sure to communicate why you are passionate about working for the company and what you plan on bringing to the table to create a positive impact there. The fact that there isnt a job posted can actually help your chances, as theres likely to be less competition. Companys love hearing f rom candidates who have a true passion and desire to work for them. Myth 4 Staffing Agencies Dont Help Back in the day, staffing agencies were used to fill administrative and industrial type positions. Todays staffing agencies place highly skilled professionals in fields ranging from accounting to IT to human resources. If youre someone with plenty of experience under your belt, and youd like some professional help finding your next job, a staffing agency can help get you there.If youre ready to begin your job hunt and need a resume that works for you let us help As one of the countrys leading professional resume writing services,ResumeSpicecan help you produce a winning resume.Contact us today to learn moreat832.930.7378.

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